General Info

Hennepin County was established on March 6th, 1852. The county commemorates Louis Hennepin, a Franciscan missionary, explorer and author. Father Hennepin relocated to Canada in the early 1600’s. It was not until 1678 that Father Hennepin joined the La Salle’s expedition for exploration of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi. While on the Mississippi River, their expedition was captured by a band of Sioux Indians. While it was frightening for the explorers, they were soon rescued and returned to Canada. In 1683 Louis Hennepin published a book about his explorations. The name Snelling County was introduced by Colonel John H. Stevens, but the name was rejected and the name Hennepin County was retained. Minneapolis was selected as the county seat and it is now the largest city in Minnesota with 382,578 residents. Today Hennepin County is home to approximately 1,152,425 residents.